Viewing Homes

Preparing for Your Home Shopping

Start by making a list of what you MUST have, what you really WANT to have but would be willing to forgo, and the NICE to have things that would be the “icing on the cake”!

For example, maybe you MUST HAVE a first-floor bedroom or be close to schools, and you really WANT TO HAVE a breakfast area in the kitchen, or be near the polo venues and WEF (Winter Equestrian Festival), Global Dressage, and White Fences showgrounds, but it would be really NICE TO HAVE a public park nearby.

What to Look for when Viewing a Property

Considering these questions and ideas when viewing homes will help make the process smoother and more productive:

  • Does the home have your MUST HAVE features? For example, does it have the number of bedrooms, or the location that fits your life?
  • Does the home have any of your WANT TO HAVE features such as a large deck in the backyard or an oversized family room?
  • What is the general condition of the home? Does it appear that the owners have kept up with repairs and maintenance?
  • Will the home need any major repairs, remodeling or renovations in the near future, or before you can move in?
    Is there anything about the home that you don’t like but that can be changed with a remodeling or renovation now, or in the future?
  • Does the neighborhood have what you need? For example, does it have easy access to commuter routes, shopping, or local parks, etc.?

It’s our job to help make the process of viewing properties easy and productive. We can help you think through these questions, so you find the home you want.

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